Climate Tour: Understaning Indias different seasons

How about spending the different seasons of India by staying the whole year round? Get to know these facts and find out what’s the best time to visit and have fun! Gain new experience and see the difference of how India marks your life!
India is the place of an amazing range of climatic regions. Its climate usually varies from the tropical in the south to moderate in the north while some high regions experience constant winter snowfall. The climate in India is mainly influence by the That Desert and Himalayas that drive the monsoons.
Based on the IMD or India Meteorological Department (IMD) there are four official seasons in India.

  • Winter season takes place from the month of December until early of April, but December until January is said to be the coldest months with an average temperature of around 10 – 15 °C or 50–59 °F in the northwest.
  • Pre-monsoon season or summer occurs from the month of April to June. April is the hottest month in the western and southern regions, while May is the hottest in northern regions. The average temperature is around 32–40 °C or 90–104 °F in the inner part of the country.
  • Monsoon or rainy season lasts from the month of June to September. Monsoon rains usually started to recede from the North India in the month of October. Some parts of India especially the South part normally receive more rainfall that the rest of the part. This season is usually dominated by the humid coming from the southwest summer monsoon that gradually brushes off across the country.
  • Post-monsoon season lasts from the month of October until December. The northeast monsoon usually brings cool, dry solid Central Asian air masses to most part of India. This season is the beginning of the transition from the wet to dry season of the country.

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The unique and special geology and geography of India greatly influence the climate of the whole country. Having knowledge about the season and climate of India can help you decide when to spend your vacation and holiday at your most convenience. There’s no doubt, you can truly see the beauty of the country base on how the climate affect its environment and the beauty of nature!