Unveiling Indian Culture

The art of living is known as culture. One of the oldest known cultures around the world is the culture of India. It is famous for its unique and rich culture as well as with their colorful and attractive customs and traditions. The culture of India is as diverse as its people. It is a rich mixture of local and foreign influences.

Indian music consists of several varieties of popular, folk and pop music. India also provides numerous classical music devoted to “Krisha”, the flute playing god. There are also lots of instruments use to accompany Indian music such as stringed veena, sitar, and traditional drum. India also provides several classical dances which symbolize the culture of people living in particular places.

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One of the most impressive and unique part of the culture in India is the vivid traditional clothing for women. They also have sari which is a broad scarf used according to certain purpose. The women in India are known for their great sense of taste when it comes to clothing, accessories and “bindi” (dot) in their forehead that match the color of their sari.
There’s nothing more authentic than the Indian spices used by people in their food which give them the mark worldwide.

In India, guests and visitors are treated as god and receive the best service as if they are part of the family. They are known as hospitable by nature.
The most common form of greeting in India is Namaste or Namashkar by placing both palms together and raising it under the face. One also of the best way to show respect to older people is to touch their feet.

India is widely known to be the most religious diversity in the world. Their religions and rituals are vital part of their lives. This is where Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism originated. While tribal people in the northeast part of India such as Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat still put into practice the worship to the nature.
The modern India is said to be a cultural mix of different regions of India and even countries outside it. Though years had passed, they still manage to maintain their culture and religion based on their own beliefs and ways of living. You’d better find it out yourself and be a part of their unique and different culture!